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Hospital, I never saw a cecostomy performed, and yet the

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However, the impossible of to-day may be the possibility or

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This lady has been kind enough to bring this little patient in ,to

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those which are hard are not very valuable, if they

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69. Analysis of Copmhd^-^M. Getibkr, of Hamburg-, has analysed the pale

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delayed for a very long time because the investigations lead-

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American Gynecological Society and of the Southern Surgical and Gynecological Society ;

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The Royal College of Surgeons, England, has awarded the Jackson prize

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tion, militate against the chance of a cure merely from better

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pressing all the blood out of a small area and observing how long it

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Elizabeth B. Brown, A.B., M.D., Assistant in Bacteriology.

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chants may employ it successfully in determining the qualifications of

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with a specific cause, viz., the bacillus tuberculosis ; every other

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short account of its practical workings. These institutions are so

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ministered with these precautions, it is an efficient diuretic and purgative, and

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ing agent, which when brought into contact with a mucous sur-

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of the eye. And immediately within this choride coat is

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dependently of pre-existing life. Many of you are aware that I

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tinues, in a word, to perform the functions which usually devolve

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same thick coagulated exudate on mucosa, with some free exu-

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to a minimum, as well as lessen the gastrointestinal catarrh. Why

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