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the bowel, and thus favor the evacuation of gas and
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has demonstrated the impossibility of removing it in
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The previous papers dealing with nerve block and pain nerve trans-
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Internal canker, otorrha'a, is an inflammation of the lining
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out of this Union, or be merged into another which is capable of
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been projected nearly 10,000 yards, or between 5 and 6 miles.
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The first litter takes the short step and wheels to the right on a mov-
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and mucous membranes — particularly the intestinal, bronchial, and
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While referring my readers, for more complete details, to
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Dr. R. M. Fowler, from the Committee to whom was reerrcd the
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1897, he had a sudden hemorrhage into the bladder. The
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6.48 inches. The heaviest fall was 1.33 inches on the 15th. The
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received in stone cisterns lined with lead for distribution was also called
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and have been as deeply impressed with the feeling that
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carotid artery has been tied, in foar for wound, and in seven for traumatic
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A Sextuple Birth. — A woman in Navarro County, Texas,
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acid, without finding any sensible difference in action of these dif-
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flesh, cellular tissue, bones, the medullary substance, and tlie semen.
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instinctive knowledge most cheerfully. I have often been
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ulty that leads its possessors to deny authority, and,
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green crops like maize, lucerne, and clover, which are only
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Med.-Chir. Gentralhl., Wien, Nov. 5, 1897 ; Ruedi, Mitth. a. Klin. u.
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line of fracture had been detached by exfoliation, and removed in numerous
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tion of my patient's sickness with rapid return to convalescence,
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Surgeon to Mercy Hospital, Chicago. There is little to say