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dealing with the circulatory system. Consult also index on " Blood."

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Careful observation of the varying meteorological conditions during a

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cian to secure a trustworthy witness of her guilt. The physi-

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first devised in its present form by Professor Wood, 4 is

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backward, the "/^r " introducing the following clause as

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New England in the third quarter, the ratio being m low as 36, when

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I found tliat the girl liad died at 2 p. M. and that the

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From this stand point these " Clinical Lectures on Acute Diseases''

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If extreme depression is present, the one-sixtieth or the one-

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Having found the shadow of the foreign body on the screen, the area

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more punctually. For the present volume, we, being too much engaged to do it.

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usually in the way and should be divided between forceps and ligated.

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back, or hold any small thing in his hands, from inability to close

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tractions, hence digitalis, rest in bed, and thermal baths invigorate the

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erect, branched stem, smooth or the upper part hairy. The leaves are from 3 to

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noticeable about the face, has been observed in a few cases. The

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lady's last confinement. The child was born without any sign of

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tions in this affidavit will subject me to penalties for perjury.

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experience teaches that the patient who chooses the cold, good

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Mr. Pridgin Teale (Leeds) said that the operation differed from that of his

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In the Committee to nominate Physician to the Retreat for the In-

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are two-tenths per cent, of mineral matter, or two poun'

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rupture may take place spontaneously. Such cases as one from St. George's

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Professor Bose himself would trace the idea much farther back in the

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Alexandria possessed its library and literature was encouraged,

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ago her hopes have shown no sign of being realised. I

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for which it was established — and the means by which these

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Complicated Dislocation. — (Lejars.) Employ general anesthesia.