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provoked abortion or premature labor when the integrity of the

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important, any increase in the number of leukocytes being strongly against

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gence and introspection in these patients. The following symptoms

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As to the etiology of this disease, it can hardly be required of us

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Against gastrotomy, however, stands a very high mortality. According to

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Chairman's Address — The Development of the Public Health Laboratory.

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great tendency to debility, followed in some instances by a prolonged

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(syringe previously boiled) the coUyrium into the inner surface

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and dull in his apprehension. He whose hair not only curls

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bilirubins, and alkaline phosphatase; and paradoxi-

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vefTelsj or an accumulation of ferum within the cra-

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fat leg so often seen in horses in large cities. In addition,

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jected to high explosive gassing. This latter group includes mustard

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mother such great joy to receive her first-born, this should act as an

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is by ■'.■le arteries, but as for the veins, their office is to bring

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ter Pratt, of Kalamazoo, Mich. ; R. J. Dnnglison, of

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castor oil should be given ; and this should be followed by ten-minim doses

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aroni soups ; all these, of course, to be rendered as thin as

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stethoscope confirmed the absence of respiration in the inferior

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to man, is innocuous to certain quadrupeds. Quassia, which Co the hu-

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tween the results amved at by Dr. Sternberg and those

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been usually employed, but I should use hot ones if

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is given in the same way, so any person of common ca-

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In these fulminating cases symptoms of excitement may be impercep-

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absorbing surface — a surface that was continually washing away; while

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If the twentieth century is to be called the Health Age, the laboratory

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Dropay, cured in a week after mercurial treatment had failed,

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ache, and the other prodromal symptoms were not apparent. After this

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bread that is found to be the most suitable and recommend-

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tioning of the emotional centres in the brain and of the vaso-motor

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bv the finger or the endoscope, or by abdominal sec-

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I explained to him that they consist of an effusion of serum