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mass of the people which God created, without having it justified
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The Medical Record remarks : "If ph3,sicians only knew how
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the year and the duration of the period during which
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3. Unusual Mastoid Operations in Children, by T. A. Burke.
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deceptive circulars which accompany these articles ;
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years, if he will send an article within a month on
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cervix clasped the presenting part, while the head, as
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The lesions found at the autopsy are characteristic of acute infec-
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1841. Dr. Amariah Brigham, on Insanity as a subject of Medical
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ing. In one half of his cases, as I understand it, the
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delusions of terror, illusions and hallucinations of the senses. At
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The illustrations figs. 41 and 42 show at a glance how a single
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the galvano-cautery. Since using cocaine, he had not
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He refutes those of his predecessors who assert that
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In my introductory remarks I spoke of the large augmenta-
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. Inewrism of the Abdominal Aorta. By Dominick J. Cok-
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followed by cessation of the attacks, but the effect has been seldom
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of natural selection, for the brilliant colors, topknots, and fine
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the full details into which the author enters respecting the duties, responsibilities, and
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and integrity and honor in the healing art will be things of the past.
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fulness. The proper treatment is rest, alternating with
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Owing to the history, attention was next directed to the patella
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municable from one person to another. An attack of yellow fever confers
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important of modern analgesics. Its solutions are stable,
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oeteo-porosis ; the twelfth thoracic rauier more densified by
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The condition has been regarded as a form of chorea by "Weir Mitchell,
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methods by which our bodies endeavour to defend them-
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rituous liquors, and then go asleep again immediately. He acquired
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troduce the bromide into practice, I have not had an o]5portunity
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experiments outside the human body, what the action