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DoL^Ris {Compt. reiuJ. Soc. tVohsfet. cfe gyn. et cle pediat. de Paris,

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oil-cake meal we have a ration which will not provoke

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Fig. 90. — Showing small entrance wound at long range; large irregular wound of exit.

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tincture of kino, which increases its astringency, and also keeps it from turning

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tion, but is, as a rule, not serious, as in the great majority of cases the

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ease process is the reaction of nature to irritation or

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ent, reconstructive and tonic properties of ordinary extracts of

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and some do not show any signs of hunger till the mother's

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scrupulous cleanliness and the use of 1 to 60 carbolic solution

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26. Klose, H. : Beitrage zur Pathologie und Klinik der Thymusdriise, Jahrb

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ounces) of a watery solution of osmic acid, and allowed

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first intention : every little scratch or abrasion suppurates ;

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the stomach had been removed, micro.^teopical examination of the speci-

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They believe that if one organ is affected, the proper

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urethrosco})]!, cystoscopy, or ureteral ''atheterisation, would do well to

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hemiplegia occurring in the adult. Indeed, its occurrence in adults, unless

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On the Influence of Chronic Alcoholism on the Devel-

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Special Ordera No. 22a. Deeember 15. 186B; from Headqoartera, Gariilfy

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time will be taken by some Russian female doctor who is not

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namely, hypertrophy of the left nentricle of the heart. Every

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The College of Physicians of Philadelphia does not as-

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