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1890 a. — Sexual elements of Ascaris of dog. [Abstract of Lukjanow, 1889 a]

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contrary to the prevailing wind at the earth's surface.

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References. — 1 Gray, Brit. Med. Journ., 1915, ii. 32. 2 Wright, Wound

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II. Chronic Stable Angina (Classical Effort-Associated Angina): PROCARDIA is indicated

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and symptoms of the patient, I was practically certain it was a

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matters of curiosity or wonder, and, therefore, were not imitated.

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research work for a few months in the Research Division of the

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gives no figures or protocols and the number of dogs examined is not

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malarial cachexia is of interest.. When the condition has nob lasted

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President, GEORGE W. AVERY, M. D., Norwich, Chenango County.

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sedative action of the currents upon the nervous system tends to be

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a more neat, dignified, calm and skillful staff would be hard to

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he should be sympathetic and secure the full confidence of the

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stomach contents, is very like that of a cork floating at the edge of the

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erens, or spermatic tube, which is seen continued from the epididy-

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face escaped in Friedreich's case, tho^o of the limbs being affected alone.

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I'm lovely ; how are you?" This condition continued

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verbatim copy of the Hippocratic oath, taken from the Sydenham

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weight in the perina3um, shooting pains towards the anus, and a

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{Asclepiaii, No. 18) the following formula in neuralgia:

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morning of 6th July. We could see from our vantage ground on

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through once in 12 hours, or if attention can be given to

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diac ganglia, the semilunar, and numerous others, named and un-

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The flannel is quickly picked up and spread over the other piece

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chosen, and the teachers employed. Tlie student is the

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splendid engavings which accompany the other pubhcations of Professor Scarpa.