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cal Sciences," leads the publisher to hope that he will be able to render the enterprise

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died Nov. 11, aged thirty-nine years. He entered their employ

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sultant, A. E. F. The following is the final conclusion.

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Thomas Williams Lewis, S.B., M.D., Assistant Professor of Laryngology and

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in a month's time, after several months had been spent in

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patients were given a cup of "caffein-free" coffee (Kaffee Hag) without cream

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pain over the right side in the region of the liver. The

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the Veterans Administration to investigate claims by

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line of fracture travelling- from in front downwards and

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to the State that every member thereof should be able to render the full

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The greatest fault we can find with the volume Is, not that any portion of

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pubes was more than ten centimeters, he believed it to be a tumor

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ture of both ends of the vessel, not t>eing aware of any case in which it has

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Kettering Cancer Center. M.D. 1968, University ot Costa

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is of poor quality, hard and innutritions, the horse being

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cessive injections of vaccines of increasing strength and finally of increas-

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Of this amount more than 5i millions was paid to livine policy-holders

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beneficial by one well qualified to form a judgment on

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ing water over them to soften thoroughly. Dilute two tablespoon fuls of

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only a post-mortem change. They were of the opinion that this

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viz., a free incision over the tumour, emptying, and, when pos-

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The Evening Post (New York) says: "However strong the

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Edinburgh, and the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. In order

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dressing as possible; 7, avoid chilling of the patient.