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volunteers, diltiazem has been shown to increase serum digoxin

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in the majority of cases, the internal use of iron or quinine. Quinine

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The plague deaths in Bombay for the ten years 1896-1905 are as

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Were we only in the possession of remedies which produced

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complication, prognosis is bad. In multiple abscess,

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the tegumentary structures are especially involved in septic inflammatory

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on pressure. The exanthem changes in character after two or three days,

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Z-Zt s r/<^>jei?c^-&? ce^es /0^t>-7<^je. ^W?«^ x 2 -^ /» l e <rf /.. r<~ * C-<,sr~<C'

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cesk., V Praze, 1866, v, 84.— Knapp (H.) Fremde Kor-

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the case of the sensory centres than in that of the motor centres.

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has been found useful. Constipation must be treated by diet and the

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Cask IV. — I*. J. M., ajjed twenty-mx, American, came witii

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Remarks on various points in connection with the cholera cases (tem-

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In an article in the " Deutsche medicinische Wochenschrift,"

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gogues. When the portal or hepatic veins are compressed or obliter-

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standing changes. Recent extravasations, in scorbutus, under appro-

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tainty. The author does not recollect of a failure in

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the past, transmitted through the printed word. Burgkmair's treatment is not without a satiric

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real thing? For a start - if it sounds too good to be true, it prob-

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and sentcopies of it to the most influential of Mr. Dale'spatients.

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powers of the system, and avoiding aU weakening reme-

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The service has grown with the increase in medical practitioners and today

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engineering point of view, is no guarantee of a sanitary

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treatment, bilious pneumonia generally terminates favorably ; though it may prove

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according to circumstances, lead lotions, or, if requisite, leeches

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its point. In like manner I may speak of the pamphlets : It Never

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stitution. But we find this disease not confined exclusively to any com-

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in empyema. In the case adduced by Dr. Law, cirrhosis had

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matory process which characterizes acute dysentery. As is evident from the

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ropinirole markedly reduces periodic leg movements

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2. Moderate EfftisionB. — I would define a moderate ef-

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egg-nog are eligible forms for the administration of stimulants and nour-

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tion of the drug which gives to the superficial parts an

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Died,— In this city, Aug. 1st, Surgeon A. N. McLaren, United States Army.

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use of Todd's instrument, an apparatus resembling somewhat a common

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ment for a certain conduit through which the refuse

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