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regards this organism as the cause of croupous pneumonia.

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As to the causes of these tubercles which are most frequently seen

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is decidedly abnormal. Near the surface it is transformed to fibrous tissue.

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the control of the Friendly Societies Act has lately

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experience in the treatment of erysipelas is insufficient.

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The practical conclusion of the whole matter is simply this

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Severe bleeding from a vein indicated by a constant not spurting stream

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in the minds of physicians that they call for them or

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gluteal fold are indicated. It shows the difference in position

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times amounting to several gallons in other cases to a half ounce only.

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the ventricle fills in diastole and pushed up by the abdominal organs

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muscles thus receive more exercise ihe local circulation is increased

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ular lesions into the two groups the purely mechanic and the

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of pitch plaster spread on calico used in the treat

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layers has a dark reddish brown color in bulk it is black or

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only because of the eai nest insistence of the patient Dr. Mussey removed

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one to two drachms twice or thrice daily. It proves

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