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disease, and hence physiology has always occupied the attention of phy-
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would make them glad forever that they had encouraged the measure.
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had been feverish after her accouchement — the consequence, she believed,
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was a material advantage, and no less so, but falling in a category apart, is the fact
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infection. The latter condition should be contrasted with the early
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where the latter falls on the wrong day, i. e. a day on which no fit oc-
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the Diftilled Water of the Plant, it provokes Urin,
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He always had quite a severe paroxysm of coughing in the morning.
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entirely absent — a fact of which you can easily satisfy yourselves by
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X-ray Examination.— Infectious destructive process involving head of
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in the thigh. This practice deserves more general imitation in this
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blind. She consulted Dr. P., of Boston; and, entering the Infir-
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Is the most concentrated and easily digested nutrient that has ever been introduced to the
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and granular casts. He was given morphia immediately without definite
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following course. About three o'clock in the afternoon, her nose began
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Bryonia in alternation. Continued those remedies two days, when
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irritation of the spinal cord or its membranes, this state being excited by
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arteries towards veins through the capillary systems, mth such phe-
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larger than usual in other refractive states of the eye.
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giving rise to fatuity, and yet the most minute examination failed to
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A silver medal, offered by Prof. Comstock, for the best examination
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reasons for this are the vis a tergo, — the State law prohibiting physi-
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cess of secretion not unfrequently continues after general or somatic
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many cases of the present epidemic were then under treatment. His
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the vasi-motor system, contracting the bloodvessels, this action
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of the drug, that disease will be certainly, speedily and gently cured.
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health. Indeed, I had found hunting of great use to me, when suf-
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rished by the placenta, is now supported by ingesta ; and hence, from
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Atlantic at a single step. The march of influenza has not as yet been
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F. B. S. DRAKE. M. D., Oinical Prqfeuor qf Me<Gcine :
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troubled with ascarides most frequently. It lias been suggested
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instances did the investigators fail to find the bacilli. During the sum-