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Mobile Convention Committee are to be congratulated for
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necessity of using extension to secure a favorable i)o-
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strife, pain is frequently unfelt, while thought is a mere reflex ; in intense
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motorist cannot apply for a new license until after
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Nitro-Glycerine as a Remedy for Angina Pectoris. By William Murrell,
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hundred more men to compete with than they have at the
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Woman’s Auxiliary to the State Medical Society of Wisconsin; Marcella Herfel; Delores
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231 pages. Illustrated. W. B. Saunders & Co., Philadelphia,
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drug stores as " digalen " ; it may be given in l-?f*minim doses,
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in size that it did not occupy more than a third, and it
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smaller quantity of proteids than does the blood plasma — owing possibly
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that the amount of splenic enlargement is not at all in proportion to
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aspect of the cerebellum ; and at the antei-ior edge of tlic ])ons are given
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are of large size,— many much larger than those in this
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inhabit the lungs or liver, and ulcers cover the legs. These local affec-
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served at a time long gone by that "the true Church of England, at this
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case, worn two months; went on visits to London, etc.; found weight
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property of retaining the strychnine in solution ^ and in the medicinal effects.
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body, in certain forms of fever, where there is marked and sudden de-
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procured subscriptions to the amount of $3,250 for that object,,
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clinical material in every locality in which the meetings are held, not only
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not to prevent or restrict the legitimate use of the
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whole body. The brain was found to be congested with blood, the veins containing an
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induration, which is due to inflammatory thickening in the case
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day. To this state of things we owe a most valuable work on
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formation of the casts. The formation of the casts commences, then, in
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Symptoms: Diarrhea (2 to 20 stools per day). Usually
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mies, and it is a question of time when they laid at rest.
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half of the clavicle and ligation of the subclavian : (5)
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of the dyspntea, and received tlie answer that it oc-
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his book were regarded by the present Emperor, there
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resulting from a vehicular crash, many types of costs are
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4th. There can be no healthful development of the physi-
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Rush, in 1864. In the same year he was commissioned first assistant
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cently successfuUy produced in Philadelphia. Dr. Mitch-
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Greystones, Co. Wicklow, the rainfall for August was 0.825
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