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ever, as the bed is liable to be damaged. Vinegar or a solution of alum would be

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tion in e(jual parts of absolute alcohol and ether, and staining it with

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responso facultatis de impotentia virili," 1: 69-7 3.

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what regularity and consistency the diabetic organism responds to

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Miles ^ reviews the old theories of so-called concus-

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rise to a " compression-paraplegia," is that which, from the kind of defonnity

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by some authors to show that traumatism plays an important part in

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thing." The practice of obstetrics in rural districts remains to- day

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of the broad ligament is thoroughly ligated at a distance of one inch or more

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see the correctness of his views acknowledged by all.

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The two tibiae were enormously hypertrophied and curved. Some slight roughnesses

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UCSF at Holiday Inn Union Square, San Francisco. Thurs-Fri. 12

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sensory nerves are not so prominent, and where the sensi-

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yard Haven, Mass., for temporary duty. July 8, 1893.

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kidney to remain absolutely sound. Experience, however,

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the citlz.ens of our State may be enabled to judge knowingly of the na-

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is dipped in the lymph, and then re-inserted in the puncture, and the

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as for bygone temptations and perplexities, once inadequately

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we are at present studying, because, on the one hand, severe

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s to avoid the risk of local necrosis, due generally to

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clavicle, localized increased resistance, a shrinking of the resonant area

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the general peritoneal cavity, and so provide for subsequent

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passing of a catheter. For the autlior stated that he had never lost a pa-

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but all human beings fall somewhere on the scale be-

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neys during the course of pernicious intermittent, there is produced the

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ous in the fluid, but were nearly of the same size as the mole-

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There are seven of these medical officers, one being attached

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la Toiirclle. Les zones byat6rof;6nes de I'leil et la

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A Description of the Mercurial Lepra. By Dr Moriapty. Dublin- ISUJ.

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traumatic keratitis. Had been injured by a fragment of metal.

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I read in some foreign journal that a man was in the habit of going

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Vomiting or diarrhoea, restlessness or convulsions may occur. The

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size and staining power observed in preparations of the puru-

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the head of a giraffe than forward into a whale's head.

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counter-clockwise through 540°. The bowel above was

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erroneously considered a young form of the latter on

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as to'his experience in this epidemic, made the following remarks : —

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it is flat and unsegmented and as yet no stage with genital organs has been

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The Commissioners are authorized and empowered by an

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taken up by the absorbents, and then distributed throughout the organism,

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ing the muscles of the calf, and of the arms, pretibial edema,

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lid- Affection. Vi tl.jschr. f. Dermat.,AVien, 1883, x 572-577.—

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tills Failure of existing methods of criminal legislation and

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noon, it was my privilege to visit the great cathe<lral

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appointment of Inspector-General of Hospitals ; and