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2. Conversion of Carbohydrates into Fat. — The last-mentioned case

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within the province of the executive, and not within the

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communications respecting Editorial matters should be addressed to the

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Medical Jurisprudence in the University of Belgrade, aged 88 ;

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he may have his symptoms change accordingly. It is often a question

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Mr. Makcos Beck, whose premature death was announced

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33 deaths. That is, tlie rate of mortality in the unvaccinated

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divided doses (stirred up with the eggs or given alone) ; the day after,

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Chronic Diseases Immedutely Communicable or Contagious

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remedy for constipation that can be named, and its effect is not lost in

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endeavours, by a careful analysis of the clinical histories of

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Surgery. Applications to the Secretary by June 23rd.

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been adopted by the subsequent French writers, was that

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could not swallow, and the breath had a gangrenous odor. I told the

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affect it in health, such as mental excitement, or by slight physical

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as purely local developments, so that if they can be entirely removed

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1865. After having been Demonstrator of Anatomy under Pro-

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muscles of the neck were strongly contracted so that Mrs. B.

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for the isolation aid treatment of ophthalmia casis. Tl ese

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on the nose and cheeks. These patients often seem to die from pure

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cations which it occasions, while in another year it is much milder in

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the Royal Infirmary, Hull, on the occasion of his resignation

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for minor operations, the chief points of interest being com-

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plete collapse of the sac, the case being one of long standing-

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2.30 carriages will be ready for an excursion to Tarr steps and Winsford,

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jalap powder, after which action the diarrhea usually subsides. In

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increased in various organs, such as the lungs and kidneys, without any