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hunters who, flushed with victory in malarial marshes, marched with
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Chemistry, Bacteriology, Physiology, Pathology, and just recently
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each cow will consume from thirty to forty gallons a day.
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abstainers who have embarked on a crusade of their own, one in
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it may occur also varies in different individuals of the same species. The
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Liberia and the Indies have abandoned all that they had
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men, and to secure the needed improvements of ventilation
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improvement of its members in the knowledge of medi-
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months, who, after rather more exertion in walking than usual, was wakened in
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personally cleared the battlefield of wounded, evacuating 120 cases in two hours under heavy
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(24 gm. of nitrogen) and the temperature of the calorimeter was the
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mucous membranes show a general resemblance to those of the skin, although
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The muscles and mucous membranes are extremely pale. The
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place for concealment of pyogenic bacteria, and sec-
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caine, incarcerating the medicament by the applica-
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Has typhoid fever been prevalent in the rural districts of
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the small amount of fibrin in the fluid, or to the presence of some cause
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with the development of characteristic lesions to follow its intra venous
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