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The number of horses to be provided for may be in tens
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Acetonitrile, 32.20 mgms., i. e., 2.8 mgms. per gm. mouse. Survived.
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note that his improvement had been coincident also with the nightly
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I were afflicted. Of the 287 histologically diagnosed tumors, 96
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symptoms, the tumour cannot be removed (cured) by operation, for one
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tumor the uterine sound passes in the normal direction.
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directed. In support of the opinion that absorption of the
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The Medical Record remarks : "If ph3,sicians only knew how
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In this article, it will be my endeavour to give reasons why,
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Paper by Dr. E. A. Sotaaen. Subject, " Extra Uterine Preg-
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and thousands of pounds. The facts are chronicled by Sir
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aspirin therapy and reoperation for bleeding after coronary artery bypass surgery.
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bance in the function of this tissue may depend upon modifica-
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NEY, of Sutton, and Mr. Vuile, a medical student. Abdomen a lit-
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sease in Europe, and never was the attack so severe as in tlie year 1866, when
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conditions. Virchow, Pettenkofer, Varrentrapp, Feichtinger,
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natural, and unauthorized by the example of other animals. I may answer, in
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and chronic purulent catarrh of the bronchi. For the first
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quarter of 1825, all the ganison, with the exception of two men, suffered
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The infecting organisms themselves are thereby removed mechanic-
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on the special subjects of its title. It is the aim of the editors
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light tan areas. ^ A characteristic histological appearance is
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four yellow spots indicating the vocal processes, two in front
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branny, or absent ; more copious, but still branny or in small scales, when
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high leeches should be applied to the outside freely, fol-
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* Professor MaoOwan, Agricultural Journal Cape of Good Hope,
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on which the sand will shortly arrange itself, at the touch of the
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they would continue to be so, that it would be universally
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referred to as Adam's groove. This deformity may also be
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