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the fingers, producing deep ulcerations and even necrosis of the terminal
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remedies used in any particular disease. A general index, which
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to what I conceive the cause of dysentery, or flux, but as there
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different outbreaks ; but they are invariably followed by mild attacks.
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direct violence. In 8 cases the splint was applied between 2 and 7 days
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are never made while either of the parties are in mourning. Widows are
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aminations and graduates at a legally instituted medical col-
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3. The peninsula proper formed by the plateau of the Deccan,
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can so be distinguished from the adenomata with red
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alluded to the method proposed by Dr. Eurnell Jordan.
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may site the employment of mercurials and arsensicals in
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The above represents a horizontal section of the brain and bones of the skull ;
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and Gynecology. Associate Attending Obstetrician and
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knee doubled under him. He could not lift his leg from the ground.
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of urine ensued, and a plastic operation proved unsuccessful. Five
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graphical errors which appeared in our last issue, especially on
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little or no part, while Blundell could only foresee and advise what
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Passing to the sjyecial infections of ivoitnds, we find little of importance to
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p. 119. 38. Beitr. z. path. Anat. n. z. alJg. Path., Jena, 1892, Bd. xi.
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each vestment, and the relative situations of these openings suffi-
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OWEN. "Post-Nasal Growths or Adenoids." By Edmund Owen, M.B., F.R.C.S.
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sulphuric ether and essence of turpentine in the proportion of three
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chiefly by climate and surroundings. The writings of Pringle (46),
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ten peppercorns, into a nice tin saucepan, with seven
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ordinary heels of leather means a harsh, sudden impact which jars the whole
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— It is not often, fortunately, that we are called upon to
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denominated placenta prsevia, where the site of the placental attach-