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ment before the death or resignation of the medical officer
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twenty minutes. Usually a second filtration was not necessary. When
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Urologie will shortly appear in Vienna, under the editorship
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those in the neighbourhood of the great trochanter. To call
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streets. In<^ioors use a special spitting cup, or other vessel, in which is
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of which is fitted with bedsteads, the bedsteads being divided
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easy, by a very simple form of legal process, to bring the
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venereal patients as out-patients of a public hospital Y Ought
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in 1884, in which I took part. I spoke in French without
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pulsation in the aneurysm nor in the right brachial or
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the demands upon them. Adjoining property was about to
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was to ensure competence.— Dr. KE^^T a-ked on what ground it was
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necropsy, told me that in opening the abdomen h^* could not have told
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language (' proved by two witnesses ") was, for a first offence,
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tion," etc. (in Subsection a of Sections of the Medical Act of 18-6), either
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of the Society, witlx tlie result that SO were reported to the Sani-
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and Maragliano. Aniong the parts that have recently appeai-ed
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as a storehouse of iron subsequently used in the formation of
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was considerably advanced, ai:ipears to be of opinion, how-
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for hospital out-patients. Members are requefited to show cases of
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fusion commences and progresses the yolk spherules appear and increase
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^strictly a subscription one, and no complimentary tickets
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and as to the manner in which they should be used, the ad-
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special interest as likely to prove the most. important woik of
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architecture, being composed of determinants, which are
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Vaccination has profoundly affected the epidemic course of
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the Literary and Antiquarian Society, George Street, Perth, on P^riday,
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by revaccination, whilst of the remaining six, who had not
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mary for 1890 the Registrar-General gives charts which illus-
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do not accept either the reasoning or conclusions of the Com-
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MacGregor, M.A., West Church, Inverness, to Annie, only daughter of
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patient dying ; breathing, slow and gasping ; ceased in three
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those common to kidney cirrhosis. There was chronic