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fact it is impossible to obtain ideal pictures by this

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astragalus. The removal of the astragalus in these cases

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after abdominal operations. Some operators, relying

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necessary. But thinking it possible that it might be adherent at some

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mon carotid. The wound did well ; the ligature separated on the seventeenth

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that it should be described as a mere circumcision (a) Instead

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1893 Beowne, James William, M.B., 37, Holland Park Avenue, W.

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under close care; tis his legs, l)efore this accident hap-

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notice. There is one error in the dofe of digitalis, page 132,

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wards gives rise to movements of the arm and shoulder girdle, trunk

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pelvic floor. The detection of this projection will

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sequently no supply. The sole vocation of the physician is looked upon as

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which in some cases is the starch of Indian corn or maize, de-

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gestion that the line of distinction between the two is

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to be heard when held against the mastoid process. Tnis is

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by Shiiffner, Kunen, X'ervoort and others in Sumatra, who

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A clipping from a recent issue of the New York Herald makes a fine

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amount of pauper lunacy and that of ordinary pauperism, but

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which two physicians are employed, is heavier than ever

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one spot to another. The patient should be called ujjon to

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colleagues, who reported that physicians with happy child-

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ritic exudation are much more apt to occur in epidemic dysentery. Per-

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are beautifully characteristic of that ardent devotion to

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skili of my esteemed friend, Mr. Swan wick, for the accompany-

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can be established and maintained and so subsequent

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Codeine are exceedingly trustworthy. If the irritation or spasm pre-

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I saw ]\Ir. R on tlie 4th of January, 1803. He informed me tliat

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tion by malaria while others were sjjared by the fever. 2. In certain