When Chloromycetin Was Legalized

the cord, causing atrophy and degeneration. These changes take

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other waste products which tend to embarrass the system. Every

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vidual symptoms, it is evident that pain is the first and most con-

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some of the viscera through perversion of nervous influence, or even to the

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septically. In the chronic sclerosing form we must have recourse to

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hesitation, be designated uremic, may, in their superficial aspects, show

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the action of the heart is feeble and irregular, digitalis and caffein

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often of much value, as, for example, when, apart from any increase in the

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and further where gout is accompanied by marked nervous irrita-

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the rheumatic poison and to the development of rheumatism. But

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activity in the alimentary tract might easily be conceived of as contributing

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deed result, even under normal conditions of sugar production, a

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acute gout could not exist in their absence. It is not, however, by

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free from gout, biliary concretions are less favored by the arthritic

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When considering the question of the action of the rheumatic

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3. The liability to repeated attacks in the same individual equally

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with gastric disorders of whatever sort. In addition to simple

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the few opulent citizens who neglect the laws of health and the precepts

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This may occur from one or several causes, as hysteria or other

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the earlier stages. While casts in the albuminous urine of acute nephritis

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Plans were discussed for constructing an additional

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local disorder and a general perversion of nutrition.

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pills but in disseminating such knowledge in regard to food, water,

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its abundance, the inflammation of the individual joints is severe; as

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tinental bath-places which may be visited with advantage by these

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and that the thrombosis not infrequently observed in gouty cases

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