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of the family away from home. I prefer home-quarantine if
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tion, and now, ten years later, this man, still at the head of his
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IHalt Foods (the various preparations of barley, etc.) is the same,
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By John M. Maisch, Ph.M., Phar.D., late Professor of Materia
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the digestive tract appeared in but 1 case. In 14 other cases in which
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Nitrous acid is formed before nitric acid ; if therefore
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Belchertown, Hampshire (1761), 2346 — Thomson, G. F.
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practically studied the duties of outdoor sanitary work under a
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not be put under chloroform on former occasions, but the
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tite, this symptom was ascertained to exist in thirty-
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Groenigen, as described by Leyden, ascribes the phenome-
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of Medical Examiners for certified copies of the original documents in order to
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unveil Victor Emmanuel's statue. It was hot to slay as
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Using these processes to the best advantage, we now make available
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firm, cord-like structure, which, from its feel, he re-
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In all these difficulties the mind acts an important part, and \o its direct
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search for the ball was again made. A sinus still existed, the ori-
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by tlie aneurism. Thurman claims that the dyspnoea, cough, and other
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therefore, the initial doses should be small ; that the effects
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They are less susceptible to the action of heat and other injurious agents
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The ratio of mortality among «»mniBsioned officers, (8^ per cent.,)
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life, in the same way as it leads to gangrene of the extremi-
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pock is not so marked ; this is especially apt to be the case in revacci-
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been insufficient. In times of pressure, in order to increase the number
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In the opening paragraph of the letter the writer has, we fear, commit-