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has been acknowledged by a gratuity of £10 to each of these
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The standard text-books of obstetrics, gynecology and surgery treat
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Moreover, the actual amount of air inspired and exhaled
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or recently spent malaria. In one of these cases the blackened spleen
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the heat at all disagreeable; but, of course, doctors know best!"
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improving or curing the condition, and the more obscure the
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these might be looked upon as failures. In all these
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the pons the figures should stand at 30 (25'4 per cent).
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the furnace under the boiler, which is to be nearly full
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of hydrogen are replaceable by basic radicals — i.e., uric acid
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of that, until there was enough to fill a small kettle, when he ordered them
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an indication for action. Total hysterectomy is abso-
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much reduced in general health. Mr. Smith ordered local and general treat-
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symptoms: Total loss of specific sensibility to punc-
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the researches of (rruber, been made use of to establish relation-
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and scrofula, on the contrary, the respiratory exchanges of
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here biologically, as his ancestors came from Roxbury,
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tained, by private benevolence, its income of about 7-50,000
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due to continued pressure, for sometimes bedsores develop
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Prognosis. — Recovery is common upon the removal of the soiux» or on
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In addition it is certain, if we attach any weight to ultimate analyses,
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often affected independently, because paralyses of these
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with fifty lectures, no matter how you work it, and do justice to your students. If you try
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flexes result from a combination of several superficial
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cold compresses frequently renewed between. In the evening
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* Watkins: Transactions, American Gynecological Society, 1909,
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more to the maintenance of the health of his stock than to the
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by our President to-night. This is the second occasion since I
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country. The company being, therefore, formallyincorporated,
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Case I. — A man, aged twenty-eight years, in excellent gen-
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Finally, Schenck gives what may be called his clinical results. He quotes
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finally by the changes in respiratory sounds chiefly,
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encountered was a double lithopedion in a woman tliirty-
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fish, but there seems to be the likelihood that when the food supply
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bership, or in suspending or expelling him, shall have
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XII. Efficacy of Persulphate of Iron as an Hseraostatic. By W. A. We-
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The results of this test are not very favorable to oats as a pig feed.