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Persons rarely err in the quality of the food eaten ; nature's instincts are the

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Notice to Contributors. — All communications intended for insertion in the

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causes pressure on the delicate fibers of the optic nerve, which

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Cranium. — The cranial bones were natural ; the cerebral mem-

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the use of bromide and iodide of potassium and blisters to the

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secure the patient’s consent; or if he is a minor,

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■vacant Surgeoncy, caused by Mr. Dixon's death, has been

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but sometimes we would not have the oil of sesame, and I thought

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(4) Abscess and fistula may follow fevers, and those conditions which

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hence the name leontiasis, or that of a satyr, hence satyriasis. With

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1878, 169.— Felizet (G ) Traitement nouveau de la fis-

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rie antiche e moderne apprezzamento delle medesime.

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1844,^k«Tt adduced the fact of htLving traced these fibres in the spinal cord of the VertebraU,

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slightly, where it merged itself in the tumor. I couJd not now feel the

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fly breeding and fly feeding in the following ways: First, by the

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with ether, decolorizing with animal charcoal, evaporating the ether

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The . figures for 1919 are more accurately known, having been

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pilocarpine ( -g of a grain) caused excessive ptyalism, so that it became necessary to mop

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was finally confirmed in the House by a large vote, and the bill of incor-