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leges were fictions not worth contending for. Hut in reality the case siarids

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with Continental literature but saw many and operated

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the employment of evacuants does not exclude the use of tonics among which

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The year will be noted during all time for our having built

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Authors of articles intended for publication under the head of original

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After reviewing the use of injections of nitrate of

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may be very distressing symptoms. Profuse sweating may occur either local

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be done by so doing since unqualified persons would thereby

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careful statistical enquiry and we have now a promise of the results in

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the same time insists on the communicable nature of tlie disease

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were metastases in the kidneys or other organs of this horse

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infectious toxemias with cancer and with many nutritional

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the case as observed through a period of several months

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head is thrown from side to sidej and there is danger of the

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Paraplegia ushered in by uncontrollable restlessness. The paralysis

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his death which occurred in Dr. Lazarus Le Barou also practiced

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sometimes assumes the severity of a genuine neuralgia

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there is a great lack of uniformity in the results produced by the

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same time and will assist in securing a speedy cure. It

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characteristic form of rectangular plates each with one corner removed.

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satisfactory and here the key note had been struck it

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Doubtless it would be better in every way could the re

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frame rules and regulations to be enforced at foreign ports to

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obtained a ketodicarboxylic acid C H a. This change

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ginnnnn ooostantlj.sodt his sgrw In hot valM tsa a utea after

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Tin Booklet Yours for a Perfect Night s Re t illustrat

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Microscopically the tumors consist of unusually wide

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with great fibroid change hypertrophy of the right ventricle is by no means

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of the protein molecule while the greater portion of the amino

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cated by inoculation. While a very few positive results have been

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and by exact union of the skin. The whole operation was done

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Many of the ancient writers call attention to this fact

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three weeks uninterrupted administration toxic symptoms always occurred.