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— she asked me plaintively whether I really thought doctors,
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These chlamadozoa, or whatever they are, are found best in
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sacrificed by the score without almost a single protest.*' Hear him! This is an
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who are qualified practitioners, etc." This Preamble
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We performed a retrospective study at our institution of
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Section 8. 7 Representation in the House of Delegates
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treated as to produce speedy consolidation of the deep parts,
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of his case ; his intellect was perfect in every respect.
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red color, and still retain a blue staining of the neuroglia fibers. As in prepara-
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operative measures, the patient should be anaesthetized, and in
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lations fi-om the other volatile vapors, I became discouraged,
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understood what we now know as dilatation. It was only by the time
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bacilli in one hour.' By the aid of these injections I
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months, or years; occasionally there is only one attack; usually there are