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of egg-white, gradually increasing the amount. The entire treatment

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in women who suffer from gastro-intestinal troubles as well

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When Tarinus, in his '^ Adversarise Anatomicae," settled

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hands and feet." The child made a coinj^lete recovery.

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"We seem destined to an endless succession of suggestion, as to the mode

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and these mixtures are not usually mist, camphora? or mistura

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point might often be wrongfully considered to be the seat of

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inferior porUon, and in the ileum are replaced by simple wrin-

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officer of the United States at the port of departure, or

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with constructive goals — this second annual Workshop

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examined (Wassermann test), and probably a portion of the ulcer would be

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"unless a considerable portion of the extracapsular chromaffin were intact"

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other functions, such as chemical analysis, statistical reports,

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uterus, opening into the cavity of the vagina. Obstetricians

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side, in the parietal region, not directly involving the motor centres,

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back of feiuur. Brit.M. J., Lond., 1886, i, 588.— Hutchi.

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to a healthy condition was rapid. The diphtheritic process

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that he had often frequently to interrupt even his two

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for again publishing one of the most respected med-

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are rarely needed. It requires careful dietetic and hj'gieiuc mana^mm^

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illustrated, and leaves nothing to be desired. The sub-

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On this day he Avas convulsed, and the tumour Avas beginning to

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as well as some from prominent men within the commonwealth

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poral artery is contracted, the face is pale, and the pupil large ;

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sician, informs me that the symptoms were of atypical myx-

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control and reduction of attendant anxiety and apprehension

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make it certain that these bodies are the metamorphosed blood parasites.

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had been the original sufi'erer, the idea prevailed that she always received the

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pared with it. It is justly the pride of the people of the state

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of disease ; how much easier the unravelling of the laws which govern organized

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one case of our own series the stenosis at death was so great that the

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to whom the preservation or restoration of the most precious

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is the author of a most exhaustive paper on fractures of the neck of

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to the kidneys and liver exist tiiese should be looked after. If

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become hotter than natural when inflamed, is matter of common knowledge;

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Guy's Hospital, on October 25, 1886, suffering from flexion of

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Dr. Blanc, present by invitation, said he had had a mild

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nothing short of allowing them to dictate their own

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diminishing the vitality of bacteria. There is no post-mortem elevation

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some form of luo ("to release") occurs (77. 5.296, 8.123, 8.315, 6.27,

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