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of practice presented to them in a large general hospital.

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traction in the lens itself. In his description of the disorders of

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Duration of anesthesia was 30 minutes, at the end of which time 150 c.c. of olive

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It gives me pleasure to acknowledge my indebtedness to Pro-

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Colorado possess the other factors so necessary in climatotherapy. There

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are cold springs, with the exception of the hot springs at Leuk (122°).

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any of the known physical forces ? Such at least is our view of

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pound and it was not possible to learn whether it had ever suffered

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properties. The authors are indebted to Mr. John E. Dowd. of the

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in these unfortunates a natural moral idiocy, a monstrosity in

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baths may be conveniently substituted for all these measures. Von

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upon the occupiers. 2. Proper means of separation and privacy for

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cobra's poison proved antidotal to that of the daboia ; on the contrary,

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how foods must be combined quantitatively and qualitatively in order

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EfiEluent B was always over a week, while that for Effluent C

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finger of the right hand and stabs the vein obliquely in order that the

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are usually sufficient, but if the fall of temperature usually following

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fore milk, middle milk, and strippings of each quarter of the udder of a cow giving

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the leaves and root of marshmallow, or from species pectorales (N.F.) or

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But there is indeed no department of the medical art which has

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blood from the right ventricle is circulated through the lungs by

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ing of the ends of the metacarpal bones, — a swelling which, however

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On the other hand, if the pups are placed in an unclean room

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must be of known quantity and, secondly, it must be susceptible

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on the march to Mhow, led to an outbreak of typhoid fever at that

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out drawbacks, but fewer climatic disadvantages for permanent residence