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These data are of interest in showing the relative frequency of

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prejudice against all new preparations of quinine that

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hepatic abscess by intervals varying from two to six weeks. In

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of the rower in the boat is peculiar. His lower limbs

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Electrolytic dispersion of tumours. Dr. Althaos ou

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a boy six years of age troubled s ith obstinate constipation only

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Sir John Moore read a paper on this subject. See page

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This difference is particularly marked in subjects more or less under the influence

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We found that the bacilli obtained from cases of suspected diph

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phlegmatic temperament. In the Ruminantia the stomach is

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but little room for the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system.

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degenerations in the body to be presently mentioned the probability

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of physical signs with an exactly similar ulcer history.

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to bring this subject to a close by giving Weber s concluding

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of Dr. Woolsey Johnson of New York a member of this asso

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sures to standing in a current of cold air when heated or

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