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of surgery. Improved methods of conservatism have re-

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to be again aggravated by the smallest amount of food. In severer

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with vessels in it the size of one's finger, and divers abscesses,

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diminution of their calibre by the pressure of tumors, or by nar-

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ago I saw a man aged forty years who had a perinephritic abscess. He

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Please give bearer something to cure it." " My little girl has

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narrated by a correspondent of the Pall Mall Gazette:

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injected liquor ammonias not only into the jugular vein but into

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underwent (elsewhere) in the same year a course of Medical

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eral practitioner who sees the case at its very inception make

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which you were able to render to the wounded and suflering soldiers

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tected and the external wound was covered with healthy

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rounded by a distinct set of muscles. Under the mucous membrane, the

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The Electroscope the Best Test for Ultra-Violet Rays. —

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Dr. Colin Mackenzie had known severe uterine colii^ result

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clear. As there is no acetone in the urine it is evident that this acidosis

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more, leaving its vitality impaired, especially at the edges where this is so

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different cases, from a moderately reddened and swollen tissue to one

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some cases of the second and third case of phthisis, and in

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A Treatise on Physiology and Hygiene, for Educational Institu-

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laud terms phlegmonous, in opposition to superficial; he compares the first to

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cerebellum killed a pigeon accidentally bj* the extension of

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oin iJlie Section On Wiedi cal Odistory — Ok u rS da

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Gardiner, J. Stanley and Borradaile, L. A., edited by. The

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collect at the time of publishing my first paper upon the

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He reported that at first he got rid, at the second effort, of one

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sinapism was applied to the nape of the neck, the head shaved, and an

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exhaustion, indifferent to all surrounding objects, and experiencing

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on radio-active substances. She notes that there has been

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the surgeon never fails to find others in the biliary tract after

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tinued inoculation in several animals ; then we found at the

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At the same time, we may find tubercular tonsilitis (less fre-