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minister pepsin and dilute hydrochloric acid toward

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backs. She began to sit up at the end of the fourth week of her

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J. Obst., iST. Y., 1899, xl. 833. . Coccygeal dermoid fis-

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in the relation of a single case, as follows : Woman, 27 ; for past

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the dropsy is renal rather than cardiac, but only using the

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dix A.) Since weight loss often accompanies a systemic

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could serve such a purpose has been detected ; and a system of vessels, proceed-

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mouth and nostrils dosed, she thinks that she perceives a slight pressure

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which the causes of all nervous disorders reside, or in which they ori-

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these means his oppressed circulation was restored ; in about

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times a day and during his trances dictated a new phi-

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The staining of the cultures of this type is much more diffi-

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furnishing, apparently, any sure or permanent security against its

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to marry who is the subject of heart disease. The author's advice in these

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The Effects of the Lightning- Stroke on the Animal Organism.

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numerous small incisions ("^/^ to 1 ^/.-, inches long) must be made through

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tive action may be exercised, and the same morbid pro-

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a consumptive patient is ill enough to be confined to the house,

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to him rather an apt opportunitv- for inquiry into the reason

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through the vessels of the lungs — arteries as well as veins. This-

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in from 20 to 30 per cent, of the cases, and may be excee<lingly numerous.

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Dr. Pf.tkhs said l\w case showed the different cluiracteristics ucconling to

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colon, they acquire a greater density by the disappearance of

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for athletics, either without proper direction or under circumstances

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tosis of the last degree. .\t the end of a few weeks the

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of the eye are affected only by rays between wave-lengths of

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wilful, perverse, impulsive, deceitful ; perhaps, however,

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subsequent baldness was of parasitic origin, and although

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varying from time to time. Dr. Knapp and Dr. Roosa had

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rangement of the lobes, fissures, and convolutions. This

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these or other remedies provoke vomiting, the}- will be likely to do more

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hospital a dumping-ground, letting them handle your patients

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The Dublin Hospital Gazette, June, July, August, 1856,

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fibrillae. The latter have no definite relation to each other or to the blood-

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paired sight and hearing. About this time diarrhoea came

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to everyone, but they have noted the properties and testing of drugs only cursorily. They

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operator, his surroundings, or those of his assistants or