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especially the inner surface. The arms and face have not been
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years, Dr. Adams had warmly advocated the segregation of the
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in the first division, but the external causes are more varied, and
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and nitrites might help to reduce the burden of the struggling
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As a wash, bichloride of mercury, i to 100,000, will be found
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by Dr. Charles I. Porter of Canton. He was an American, 5 ft.
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names to the circular would not wish to deny the authorship of it, because, for all that I
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myocarditis, atheroma of aorta and coronaries; hypostatic congestion of
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as the above simply serve to confirm the belief that while one
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while stooping forward to fold the legs of a card table. He was
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we are not violating the Medical Act the way it is ; I think the Act says that it shall be
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the ojfficer appointed by the Council for that purpose. I have compared the receipts and
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Consider first the simplest form, senile gangrene. That ap-
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A month later she began to have considerable difficulty in walking; she was
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2. It diffuses infectious material, a serious matter in generalizing
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exhibition in connection with the Ninth International Red Cross Confer-
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of that petition. This is a matter entirely different and beyond the statutory limit of this
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and advertising the virtues of the said drugs and other remedies. And by fraudulently, and
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opathy. The proposition is to hold two meetings with the two active as-
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quantity used to produce the butter and cheese also ingested by
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was hard to please and kept to himself — conduct quite contrary to his former
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dence that something different from generally accepted doctrines
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It may have been expected that statistical data would be
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the Registrar of this Council to each Medical Council in Canada and to each university in
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ures by the results obtained and not by the quantity taken.
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guage those things which the boy must ultimately know in some form but
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right lung posteriorly, at subsequent visits she was found to have
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that ; and will not the influence of the same Legislature and its members be brought to
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but lightly, so that the body may at all seasons maintain its equal
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No. 14. Counties of Prince Edward, Hastings and Lennox, Dr. J. Sprague, Stirling,
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Council will permit me to. I agree to a special committee being appointed.
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Registrar must know the addresses of the medical men who are registered and who have to j^y
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vented by extreme personal cleanliness and perfect ventilation of
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times the speech content was paraphasic or jargonic. He gave evidence of
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months and years is a most difficult task ; not only on account of
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to the high and to the low schools among us, to the physician, the sur-
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have followed the operations of a man like Dr. Matthews. Suppose some practitioner had
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healthy person, administered in such a condition, will cure, if such
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did his laboratory possess a culture tube nor the beneficent
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favors. Cases II, VI, X and XII, on the whole, presented clini-
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It shows that during the year 10,365 patients were treated in the hospital
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always wished more voice in University matters, through their member-