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state of irritability with consequent hypermotility that the bismuth
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scopic appearances of the muscle both in longitudinal and transverse section ;
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petechiae on the right knee and shin and on the buccal mucous membrane.
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the sarcoplasm of the muscle-fibre to movement and posture respectively are
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woven forces, all living and still active, even though many of
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precise. (2) That there is danger to vessels and nerves. But damage to
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function. As a temporary expedient the cases were classified
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associated disease with carcinoma is cardiac and renal flisease
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mother: She now remembered that the boy had swallowed (he tack in
ectasis. In fact they may all be present in any one case, and it is
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it is not so distinctly perceivable in Brunets, Indians, and
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strength of the reaction can be often graded to some extent by varying the
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speaking, do so suffer and then, because contrary to general experi-
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is very ct)Mnnou in these cases. The occult blood test should always
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obtained by dilution of lymph with one-tenth of its volume of a
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gum below and posterior to the lower left third molar; the gum was slightly
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part now involved. The temperature fell by lysis on the sixth
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bly be readily removed by removing the exciting cause ; there
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leukaemias will behave like infections with a slight tendency to fibrin
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the primary cause, the symptom complex of exophthalmic goitre
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Case VI.— Case observed from June 26, 1911, to April, 1912. There
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among the deceased as compared with the living (Table V) shows
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Dr. p. K. Brown: In a number of cases of lung abscess I have noted
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entirely overlooked the purulent condition, inserting in the mouth the
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the blood. The infective agent used was T. equiperdum. Various prepara-
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strangulated hernia ; there were 10 cases of embolism, 4 in aseptic and 6 in
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of nutrition; it being a law of the living body, that where there is
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narrow shaft and wide epiphysis. In adult bone disuse caused no change
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The patient died of the carcinoma. Post-mortem examination showed
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node was injected through a fine needle into a conspicuous lymphatic
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cent.; myelocji,es, 1 per cent.; eosinophile myelocytes, 1 percent. In the
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After bleeding was controlled, the pectoral muscles were united by
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had been done by the taut margins of the orifice of the sac. Obliteration of the
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muscular action. The latter has been observed in radiograms taken at
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time no attempt had been made to select slight or early cases. The leading
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disease, for if the energies of the system are raised by it, the re-
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a normal cell count and a negative Wassermann reaction. Under
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1 mm., the largest of about 1 cm. ; between the former and the latter middle-
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much less elevated. Her countenance however has steadily