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bluish-white specks characteristic of measles "spots." (c) Rotheln.

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The feces may come away in small, hard lumps like sheep's dung,

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:Mr. Tecvnn, " On the Treatment adopted in Four Cn.«es of Impenneable

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1821 Dissertation on Uterine Hemorrhage, by Dr. Samuel Piockwell.

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)acteria per cubic centimeter in the so-called pasteurized milk sold

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From a perusal of the literature the following facts have been

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issued the following order: "The authorities of State

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plished, before dissolution, and was, in fact, iis principal cause.

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Japan, the Asiatic Islands, Africa, Mexico, and South America. The

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(Charcot's), Criminal Anthropology, Dentistry (September 1st

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On Sunday I was asked to see her again, as in the morning a

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tration, and the enforcement of health laws and ordi-

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of saline solution may be used. Chloride of calcium in 20 grain doses every

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18. The Council shall meet on the first Wednesday in the month throughout

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