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common occurrence in cerebral than in peripheral paralysis. In a pre-

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form of blindness argues against its dependence upon permanent

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from their quality rather than from their intensity, are repulsive to

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degeneration and atrophy affecting particularly the posterior columns

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normal joint, as seen in Plate XIII., Fig. 5, it will be readily-

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attack of haematuria lasting five days a fortnight before I saw

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ent places ; he found some spots very excitable while the parts im-

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surrounding the internal meatus. In the former type the

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periodical sweUings of the joints with, as a rule, no fever,

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ferred to those which, from their volatility, irritate the nasal mucous

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attenuation is sometimes reached. The living skeleton of the

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They were, as you remember, wont to administer decalcifying

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that accompany the ramifications of the facial nerve. This explains

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severed with slight perspiration. We must beware of regarding this

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is purely clinical, and based upon the personal experience of the author.

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and probably the most unique in the whole history of Scotland.

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the early forms of a strongylus ; and the fact that the strongylus

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speculum. Apply a 10 per cent, solution of cocaine with a

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ing but attend to existing disturbances of the general health and of

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living in extremely good circumstances. He had frequently

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labour treatment. The patient, a young man of 17, was

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were so simple, the world would swarm with gouty patients, while, as it

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haemorrhages from the bowels together with the haemarthrosis.

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In two cases, I myself have succeeded in effecting a cure, although but

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essential difference of the serum, we failed to diagnose a tuber-

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