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could not open his eye. In order to relieve the ditficulty, a

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age. Of the diseases of childhood he has had measles^ whooping-

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the causes which tend to the production of hereditary maladies are

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a more uniform treatment. Irrespective of the direct

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eruptive cuticular affections attributable to or aggravated by

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lier chez la femme. Obstetrique, Par., 1900, v, 97-132. —

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matter with that ball ?" He replied, " I don't know. I didn't

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5. Lectures on surgery and on diseases of the eyes, and practical demonstrations in anatomy from

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I often find that the child is a new creature from the

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no pain in the chest. Physical examination shows no abnormities.

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most port they consist in elevation of temperature and other evidences of

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your plate with bread. And speaking of bread, when taking

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that it will be necessary for you to confine yourself all this time

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115. Perforating Ulcer of the Stomach (after Jones and Sieveking), . . 460

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assistance of Dr. W. O. Bailey, examined the pupils of the Kentucky

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appears to be that which is sometimes known as Kohler's disease, of which

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open air and judicious feeding. It is sometimes advisable

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poisonous streams. There was also this other misfortune, that, in

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convulsed by the same nervous lesion ; it is paralyzed as long as it is deprived

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organisms present. The subject is presented in three

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latterly, from the high fees it necessitated to be exacted

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photophobia, pain, and pupillary contraction in examined

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been quiet. He also calls attention to the fact that

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No cultures unfortunately were made. The patient could not be persuaded

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York, Michigan, Massachusetts, Illinois, the place, etc., diversion and amusement,

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chiefly due to direct interference with involved sensory

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relations of peculiar intimacy. As one of the great

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25th, on the 26th he took at one in the afternoon 50 drops of the

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l)e stopped by styptics. We cannot apply pressure, and

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nation of many elementary forms, more or less solid, soft, or fluid.

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an accurate idea of the sizes of the pelvis and the

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met in the operating amphitheatre of the Hospital, and several

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frequently asymmetrical, resulting in dissimilar products. Such division

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increase in the appetite, the patient taking food better and receiving

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with the fingers you know that the inflammation is due to extravasation

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locks, while in the Padua portrait the hair and lascivious" matter published in his

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vascular than natural, the vessels of the spinal cord engorged,

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Dr. Sangster that if a small committee of three would go to the Canada Life he had no doubt

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and Walter L. Pyle, M. D. An encyclopedic collection of rare and ex-