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nal and external use of iodine would be deserving of a trial. — Med. Times, Sept.

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afterwards, both of whom died. If a statement of this kind could be established

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The subtle contaminating effluvia which proceed from the

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to a well known proprietary article sold to dentists at $1.00

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authority in the medical world ; and in the various medical

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tions, so that societies have multipled rapidly, but until very

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Anatomic," is found a full clue to the literature, under the heading of

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wound dressed antiseptically. There was no improve-

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Gairdner, G. A. Gibson, Henry Head, John Hopkins, Victor A. H. Horsley,

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pendicular and legs horizontal, every four pulsations . 89

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of the new edition was entrusted to Dr. Rawdon Macnamara, who

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owing to differences in temperature, and hence differences in pressure

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Your Council has endeavoured to represent to the Commissioners

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of mankind, and the determining influence of a high level of

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Case 3. — Adherent rericardium — Mitral Insvjficifnci/ — Kjrami-

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containing the spinal cord. The membranes lining the cord

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rigidity of the voluntary muscles — the muscles of the back, and more espe-

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pared for him, according to the directions in the paper, by

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when injected in one large dose (exceeding 1 gramme for a rabbit),

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and representatives of the local medical committee. Reso-

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diseases, shows the necessity for great caution in interpreting

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Avas an obvious lesson we should learn. In his second case tbe tumour

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The fertile plain produces magnificent olive-trees in great

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venture will be such as to encourage him to follow it up

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Pediatrics. — At the October meeting of this Section Dr. A.

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ways. At first 2 or 3 ounces per day can be given and this gradually

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junior members of the profession to continue and increase

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ment that in the United States and Canada there are not

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tion, afterward with hot sterilized water. The perinseum was

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14. Epidemic of Typhoid Fever Dependent upon the Use of Impure Water. —

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two circumstances ; namely, the faculty with which ue ascertain the

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the ranks, and become scattered at once broadcast over the land.