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calico bandage fixed with safety-pins at its lower end.
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eminent French chemist, M. Chevreul, in his one hundred and
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were a more leisured class than you are. They were allowed
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heart does not explain the arrest of the circulation in cholera.
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of laryngeal tubercular infection. You are all familiar
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twelfth day of the disease. Crepitant r^es, a moderate cough and
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to the blunted perception, the bladder maj' become greatly distended.
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During the entire of the present century communications
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therapeutic value, yet they both assume each to be of
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On ray return I learned the child, a female, was born on the 19th July,
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seemed that its good effect could only be accounted for
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pbie, et I'bistoire dn College de cbirurgie, par E.
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the principle governing all clinical studies will be
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are related to the large nerves which supply the upper and lower
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of his toil ; if he has but a few patients, these scattered
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widely difl:erent caliber and in various unknown psychical con-
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formed on the right ala nasi. Acetate of lead and opium soon
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traces of it The non-recogmtion of the difference be-
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painful cramps. Writer's cramp, in one of its forms, may have its origin
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fied with material advantage both to tlie medical pro-
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hundred consecutive cases of hysteria, not previously examined
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cleanliness. In 183 1 Dr. Fabret attempted the same work at the Salpetrie,
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acid, four grains and a half. A few drops of this mixture are
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The temperature ranges between 101° to 101.5° F. and there
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opening. A clear serum flowed out of the wound. The intes-
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from the New York Journal, of Sept., 1854. It is given by Dr. Cox,
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Accordingly, I made the section of the neck with one stroke of the knife.
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always present, which was a feature in one of my two cases, due to
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microscopical examinations of the urine is of small prac-
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considered under that head than in the present connection. I have placed
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pyrexia, appeal must be made to practical clinical experience. We take it
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drawn upon at home. Our physicians, surgeons, and public teachers, aro
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The session on Tuesday was nearly ten hours, with only a short intermis-