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tions of intestines or other primary seat of citis, but under symptomatic treatment it
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influenza as well as common colds. The infection could be kept out of
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ture, in his opinion, as his mascuUne class with one-
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In the cases of brain tumor in this series in which major focal
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edge. Supplies for the growth and repair of the whole body are contained
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growth from the umbilicus, of a totally different na-
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steak and roHnt meats twice a day, ale or chirct for dinner, and
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symptoms became less urgent and one hour's sleep was
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stemo-cleido muscle, also beneath the clavicle, apparently becoming
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Clay G. Huff, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Parasitology.
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• The uterus generally contains irregular masses of new growth of very
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success in some cases, certainly with manifest relief at
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ting. Even with atrophied membrana tympani, if the' secretion be
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stricture is prevented. — London Med. Record, Dec. 15, 1879.
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evacuations without pain. Dress the lower portion of the wound, and
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necessary to add that Eob, with powdered hair, a suit of fine black,
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The after-treatment did not differ from ordinary cases
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of the tubes coming from the ovoidal globes are fitted
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working practically as well as before. Dehenne, who is siirgeon to the
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termines its character. Dermoids seldom contain much fluid, and
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exists in 20 counties at the present time and at a total of 30
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In the management of acute disease it is therefore very
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the breathing becomes slow and sighing, micturition is involuntary, alimen-
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musculo-peritoneal canal containing digestive mate-
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cent meeting of the Surgical Society of Ireland, Mr.
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dyspnoea and some articular pains. Urine 1026, trace of albumin,
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lasting long enough, and seeming like a sky filled with
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disturbance of nutrition of the walls of the vessels.
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the arsenic treatment is called for in some for the regulation of its activity.
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body. The fever may be out of all proportion to the
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ing short. The child had rigors, and was unable to take nourishment, or
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a considerable number of these cases the fluid may have been due
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human tetanus, but he also was unsuccessful in his attempts
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'■ Aunales de maladies de I'Oreille du Larynx, etc., July, 1S88.
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ily development beyond tlie average. The right angle
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bility, as well as the desirability, of re- out products of benefit to mankind. Which
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gery of the present' day; and from the rapidity with which the
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