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admission to practice in France of foreign doctors. It is
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7 examples, is not the same as an ordinary subphrenic pyopneumothorax.
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and tauro-cholates of soda do not accumulate in the blood in diseases of the
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that unnecessary caution is taken by physicians who administer tincture of
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is highly stimulating and irritating, and ought not to be employed
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effect only if there is a need to speed early recovery, as in
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converts it into an abscess cavity with little or no secreting tissue left,
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What the benefits or advantages of this procedure may
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the local part of the treatment should consist in. Astringents and
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tion. If it occur too slowly, the amboceptor powder solution must, on the contrary,
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growth, and is more common in the female than in the male. It is
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the alleged value of copper as a prophylactic of cholera. He concludes
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Whitewater, was elected President of the Association, O.
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worthy of remark that they may be considered as permanent
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has convinced me that this exposure is longer than is
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58. Baumgartner JD, Glauser MP. McCutchan JA, et al: Prevention of gram-
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muscular fasciculi as to curtail their powers of activity and
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by a smaller one the previous year, while the Germans w^ere in full