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written not for the profession but for the laity. Not to supplant the physician but to aid him
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Ins Dwn practice of combining lithotrity with median litho-
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and its organization imperfectly developed. How far this may have contri-
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Thursday, August 29th: Canadian Medical Association (sec-
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penetration of foreign bodies. These researches also corroborate the
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medical officer under Stanley in the search for Emin Pasha, died
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One cubic centimetre of the solution of phenolphthalein (1) is
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expresses surprise that it has not been more considered. Patients who during
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labour. At the end of three days, was confined, in great pain, and died that
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Medical Association. It is not the intention of the Fellows to discuss eth-
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fectly dry, put them into paper bags, or else wrap well in paper
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born children. He was in favor of exploring with the curette
betamethasone dp Henry Hartshorne, M.D., Professor of Hygiene in the University of Penn-
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point of view, is this week reported in the newspapers, the
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Recently he had had a number of trying and sad experiences.
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inontlis, liad. with the; e.\cc|)tiiĀ»ii of ln'inir u littlu cos-
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"CEdematous swelling of forehead and face with itching, allayed
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and Moral Dangers of Pfostitution and the Means of Re-
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The degree in which the specific gravity of urine exceeds that of dis-
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before the Governor and courts, this is their last resort.
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syndrome that is, aside from briefer duration, strikingly
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we had more paupers in America than in any other coun-
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been drained. It was, however, an example of that condition,
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are free from morbid products. Saccular dilatations may occasion cracked-
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his last report. In discussing and urging the necessity
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peripheral nerve endings, judging from the prompt and
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himgry for a time. As a rule the rats when fed in this way ate both
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roaring, referred either to the ear or to some part of the head. ]\Iore elabo-
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done, and I might add, in instances where others would necessarily suffer
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spaces, and displacement of the heart or of the liver, or of both. Fluc-
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estrogens in utero and born 1943-1959. Mayo Clinic Proc
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and opium exert their effects on the brain, arsenic and oxalic acid on the
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erythema nodosum. Trudi Obsh. russk. vracli. v Mosk.