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of more value as an element in the prognosis than as a

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I do not think I can agree with Dr. Starr in consider

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in connection with appendicitis that should be well understood by the

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otomy. This enables the operation to be performed more thoroughly

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often the mare dies after the foal has been taken away.

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gard of worldly rewards and his determination to base

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it appears in soft slightly prominent and indolent tubercles which are

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hours. The opium is increased in dose both as regards frequency and

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use of bichloride mercury in the treatment of eczema marginatum

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tossing about and struggling for air. Occasionally in a severe paroxysm

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Kubbing in anodyne or stimulating liniments such as a mixture of equal

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the blood should be refreshed by means of the Seidlitz salt.

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was established he accepted the Chair of Operative Surgery.

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Gairdner and the author of a very excellent article in the British

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fashion and when once we understand the chain of conditions

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loaded with stone passing over both lower extremities.

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then although on presumptive grounds alone we must set it

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One patient thirty six years of age was discharged improved

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The country is well supplied with fresh water springs.

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able to the rapid spread of infection were the parasite any of the

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What circumstances demand amputation of an extremity

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week and cases remained under treatment at its close.

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the foot. It rarely penetrates the sole nearly always the