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5. All bedding, clothing, textile fabrics of all descriptions, or other material
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the stage of atrophy and deformity has set in, and the cure is
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adapted to dropsies of febrile character. Their good eft'ects are to be
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read a paper on this subject before the British Medical Association at its late
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the cause of the problem. In such situations, diagnosis and
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pears. But he will also be astonished, as he goes his rounds, to see so often
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dogniat. i t lierniet., 4°, Marpurgi C:ittoium, 1615, i, 192-
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portion of the cervix began to form. The pains and frequent micturi-
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ence and standing. Incidtntally the proposed change would
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These are commonly men of no brilliant talent, yet their brains
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" 4. That the groin is not a suitable part for the counter-extending
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was large, he was unconscious for four days; then im-
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but with the intercurrent infections, such as measles and whooping-
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then a decrease from eleven to twelve ; then an increase from twelve to
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:39) Bruere, J. Pharm. Chim., 1906, [VI] 24, 488-493.
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be altered), hyperuricemia ana gout, digitalis intoxication (in hypokalemia)
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pulp. The liver b of normal shape, rather small, and has a wrinkled capsule. The paren-
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a late period of the disease, and may occur only as the immediate precursors
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The erythro - dextrose further splits up into erythro- dextrous -B and
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a round, peripherally placed kinetonucleus, between which and the
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day after the operation her pulse was 100, temp. 99.75 in the morning;
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Accumulators and their Medical Uses. By Robert Newmann, M. D.
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corpuscles (heematogenous theory), or to alterations in the liver, such as
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declares his preference for ground floors to his tents. Soldiers would
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plexus and terminate in a plexus of Auerbach and a plexus of Meissner
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be 1-20. 5. Chlorine gas — made by pouring hydrochloric acid on chloride of
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for primary care physicians practicing in the US and Canada and will cover a variety
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to be connected with a microphytic (minute vegetative) growth, to
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lution, it is aways desirable to detect the presence of specific patho-
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grfesnitd., I'ar., 1899, 3. s., x, 194-196.— l,oreta (P.) Di
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also in the eye on the same side. The visual defect in this form of
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susceptible of being detached from them, like small separate
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the intervention of other factors, in a few, for instance, by
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mingled streams of loyal and disloyal blood, and Lave been con-
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who bum to be able to announce in the local journals on
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regulate the amount and character of the capillary circulation. If water be injected
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Bischoff, of Basle,* Haussman,* Olhausen (Konigstein),
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