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feet commonly swell slightly. The contractile power of the cutaneous
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abused by politicans and churchmen for more than half a century,
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(d) Culture. The NNN (triple N) medium is prepared as
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hyaline ; hyaline changes are common in and around the capillary or arterial
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The antitoxic properties are acquired only some time after immunisation has
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filled with the fecal mixture so that the fluid surface
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Germany, where they were recognised as typhus exanthematicus and typhus
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trons exchanged per molecule of the reagent in the particular
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2. Rinse out the liter flask with water, and discard the
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(7) Read and record the tests on the basis of pattern :
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is gently rotated, run in from a pipette 2 ml of serum
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(8) A positive reaction having been found in one of the
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The occurrence of microscopic lesions in the brain has been
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in the milder or ambulatory forms. It seems more common in males than in
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pometry is of immediate practical service in distinguishing the
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1 92. Nitrogen by Microkjeldahl Analysis, Colorimetric 2
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fresh eggs is recommended, although some workers have used
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the chest is open, but in his absence may be done by the operator.
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unknown and standard solutions respectively, the pro-
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was 157 cm. and her weight was 49 kilograms. The surface
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cardial caxaty contained about 100 c.c. of thin blood-tinged
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toxine to neutralise the lethal dose of diphtheria toxine for a healthy guinea-
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the experiment was repeated with intravenous dosage ; as shown
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S. H. Colburn, M. D., has removed from Athol to Worcester, Mass.
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case rarely exceeds 105°, except in the case of children, in whom it may
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early, and continues throughout the fever, passing away gradually after
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described above. The type of the disease is always severe. The liver is
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segment paralysis here without resort to electric tests.
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tend to become darker in colour, and acquire an appearance a little
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alter the medium. Hence the chemical activity of an organism is extremely
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before entrance, when her pain, dyspnea, and cough returned.
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the young, it is agonising. It is most commonly frontal, but it may
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legal right to issue any diplomas which they choose to. This is
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cine, but the totality of the symptoms. It is the entire disease