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and withhold us from running oft into mere speculation.
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confirmed the ancient observations. The results may be briefly
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stained them with methylene blue, examined them under
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flammation or any appreciable lesions. Related to the affection, some-
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exemplify the rapidity with which, in this form of apoplexy, life may be
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tallowy-looking, the toes already having a bluish appear-
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'■'9.15. Surface of optic papillse pinkish; arterial vessels seem more dis-
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exercised when using this product in treating extensive
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instances too where it is wholly unsuspected, the patient acts under the
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be obtained, for example, if the extensors of the knee are affected even in
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When the toast came on. the t -astmaster cdled upon me. I rose to
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another instance of the i)erpetuation by an able man
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the order given. No indentations (except that caused by the patient's
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Ncbeuorganon in "Wiirttemberg. Med. Cor.-Bl. d. wiirt-
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cate for, and originator of it, and I can unhesitatingly assert that, as regards
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the chigger or sand flea (Dermatophilus 'penetrans).
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Center, Stockbridge, Viroqua, and West Salem. In 1876 twenty-four
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in the eye, a view that is not held by more recent observers.
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immeasurably as in the complexity of his brain ; by which civilised man
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only seen it in the pyramids, with excessive cystic dilatation
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of the skill of J. O. Hunt. D. O. A few of the photographs
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150 it is noticeable that not much more than one-half — viz., either
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* From a table ingerted in " Johnson' g Essay on the Inflaence of Tropi-
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2. Peritoneum. — The symptoms which attend the progress of peritoneal
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9 times with 5 recoveries and 4 deaths. Five of the
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have reported at length to the city government on the
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expressed* that its power to glide along without limbs,
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and was, therefore, very difficult to clean. In fact, it was not con-
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and sensory symptoms may develop in the opposite limb. The dis-
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venoms and lecithin. This compound (venom lecithid) is itself highly
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table uterus," and adverted to the evidence accumulated since the time of Gooch
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was in the uterus, and believed that, if used at all, injections
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and intelligent as our police force, who are willing to place themselves