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■ their great slaughter by the Spaniards 169, 174 — 176
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the credit of revolutionizing gynascologioal surgery.
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confounded with so-called croup. A great many of the systemic effects we
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met with where a calculus of appreciable size is impacted in
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ently negative specimens proving negative in any case, a
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It should be thoroughly understood that there is no routine treatment
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bladder was filled with the products of an infective inflam-
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that the name of the organization here organized should be accepted
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0726 year after the occurrence of the accident. Imme-
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disease from adjoining viscerar, or excited by direct
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tion from the trachea of a woman, with the following
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profuse, clammy sweat, and the vital powers were sink-
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reports this method as used in Military District No.
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gating patients at the bedside, and the author assumes that his
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teresting illustration of the effect of imitation in the canine race . A dog,
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The presence of cholesterol in spinal fluids has been reported by
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the important processes of elimination. When it is remem-
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lections in the pancreas is almost sure to lead to a fatal
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Treatment of Apoplexy. — TwV> teaspoonsful of table salt,
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factory accociiit. He was transferred to the London Hospital,
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details to be found in the ^ Navy Reports.' Most of the cases
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formed the operation upon the soft palate in the manner which
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special point in such cases is the tendency to the commission of homi-
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ally disappeared. There now remained but one kind of repro-
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more tense, and a grayish body resembling bone could be
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4- byid^aXo^ brain 4- alfia blood.] Deficient bkxxl-
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Boils, on some persons, are of frequent occurrence,
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months from the first manifestation of symptoms. In some cases the
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Extension in the Treatment of Fractures of the Femur. By John H.
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though permanent cure can hardly be considered possible considering
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language has been rendered into very good English by the
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The growth is extending down under the mucosa, covering the thyroid alae.
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you not give your consent?" " Yes, but I never thought but what
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Physician. "The cases detailed were, so to speak, of a much severer
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6. — The history of the truly remarkable case reported by
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When admitted she presented a tumor over the anterior
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Consulting Neurologist, Illinois Industrial Commission, Chicago, Illinois
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a mucosa devoted to secreting an alkaline juice, but subjected to
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Ferroni (E.) Osservazioni e ricerclie sui movimenti