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modifications in the pulse during breathing, Schmidt an-
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portant disease. By German writers the term rubeola is used to denote an
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two fing-ers, one on each side of their prominences.
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der such circumstances is badly tolerated by nurslings, and
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is rendered grave or dangerous either by the extent of lung involved, or by
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the vessel, occupying about half its calibre. The other division at
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tendency of modern medical thought was toward a thera-
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of the incision, and chloroform administered by Junker's apparatus.
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Diseases among Poultry has recently been issued by the Bureau
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Waterford, or Dublin and Wexford ; and consequently it appears pro-
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manner, but more powerfully. Neither music nor confectionary will
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Among those who have materially aided in giving character to these
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gives them the ])ower to say so, and they of covrse
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treatment should precede the operation until improvement.
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any stain upon his hands or person, or upon the bed-linen or furniture. The
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sion of the brain by serous exudation, as proved by the final convul-
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arimidex need for calcium supplement
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Fig. 16. — Elephantiasis of the lower extremities. Front view.
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patient had a very severe attack of convulsions and was unconscious
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exactly the same changes as do the smaller ones, namely, a boundary
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truly drawn as Prassion in MS. Bodley, 130 : glossed hore-
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in consequence of its excessive volatility, through the broncho-pulmonary