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Professor of Surgery in King's College, London; Surgeon to the King's College

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shire. In a short time, of nine persons who were attacked,

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more than fill the measure of his capacity. There is a power beyond the

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condition of the bladder must be inquired into, and the urine drawn

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Others have recommended the use of solutions of various substances,

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measures. If it be true, that the materies morbii of these diseases belong to the

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and again, but should be strained occasionally to en-

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an hour trying to rouse herself out of this state, and when at last she

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The pain was quickly relieved and no cardiac compli-

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the Secretary-Treasurer, who will present them to the Executive Coun-

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roglia, discusses, in a special chapter, fully and critically, the earlier literature

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way on the arm ; close to a well-marked cicatrix of a previous vacci-

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(9.) In case of simple jaundice, even where faeces are decolorized, there is

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down slowly through the chips and out of a faucet near the

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which caused copious perspiration, the xerodermic parts alone

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medicine, there were Hugues, abbot of St. Denis, physician

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there has been considerable confusion in the determinations of infections

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Case X.* — Acute Cerebritis — Abscesses in the Brain — Pulmonary Tubercle

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almost all diseases. Again, it is an ancient custom to employ

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may, and usually does, if the patient be a female, involve the

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1876 Lucas, R. Clement, M.B., B.S. , Senior Assistant

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necessarily bear any relation to the character of the attack, as mild

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than remote and general maxims. These may serve as land-

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respect will ultimately be dispelled. True it is, that a purer

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If the above conditions are observed, the menstruum will pene-

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leucoderma patches appearing after the application of pure formalin.

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flexion of the uterus. Stricture in any other part of the canal

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doctor’s family is no exception. If the old adage “the

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or organs. The principal of these are arsenic, phosphorus^

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the frequency of recurrence, he determined to excise

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of light is to be found the rationale of its action, both in

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the bronchitis, v. Ziemssen and Krabler count this case among those

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tists of the greatest merit, are refuted. Among the sup-

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by keepers of hotels and lodging houses, thereby giving the Chief of

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a work and a live membership that shall thrill our very

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on the fifty-si.\th day, and she was transferred to the

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microscopical observers there has been, and still is, a difference of opinion

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tinued to improve from this time ; the membrane turned white, and

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then, Ave have a proof that even the mechanical resistance offered by Avater

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leaving a large loophole in our preventive measures. Ward and Hen-

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from acromegaly, and regards it as a degenerative dis-

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on ; it is a milder form of the disease than tuberculosis