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on the nature of disease. '' Childbirth " may mean phthisis, and should

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thoroughly, and no food should be taken between meals. There is a

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degenerative changes in clironic endocarditis or in the arterio-scl erotic

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idea, from the composition of a drug, of its influence on the body;

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decomposing material, and cannot destroy all the organisms present.

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Again, change of work and change of play are as important as variety

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is in great measure due. Microscopic examination of the dirty gray,

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cells of one order alone — by phagocytes — or by leucocytes in general

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Lungs, Dr. West's Case of Animal Magnetism (under the head of im-

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whether they penetrate deeply, or go beyond the primary and secondary

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sent themselves more or less prominently in different epidemics and at

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entered any infected district. The very first case has, in fact, not been

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by Thayer, namely, a great increase of the large mononuclear leucocytes,

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The recognition by Lister of the influence of these suspended matters

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