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blood-tinged, muco-purulent material. The left lung weighs 420

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original form, the ignored, censured and censored thought finally

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intellectually inferior or superior to men, nor whether they are

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people confined to a close room, as if the pure air were dangerous

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neuro-muscular stimulant, which, as a trustworthy preparation,

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tions for ectropion^ symblepharon and trachomatous pannus.

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warning she stopped breathing, the lips got blue and the eyes fixed.

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it is a prominent symptom, and precedes by weeks or months the

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Percy, Frederick B., M.D. Diet and Feeding in Peptic Ulcer . . . . 807

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tion in which I first applied it was that of retro-

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of the association they loved so well. Eeverently we drop a tear

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to which the Journal has devoted nearly a quarter of a century

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roots of the seventh, eighth and ninth dorsal nerves. Conse-

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Obstetrical Pathology. Dr. Williams and Staff (Repeated two

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Allen K. Krause, M. D., Associate Professor of Medicine.

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whip, blossom, grin, gleam, lurch, frown. (See also the sets beginning with

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Each fluid ounce of Angler's Petroleum Emulsion with Hypo-

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and Sydenstricker. Practical work open to members of the

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ciates, both State and national, were committed to the mosquito

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lower intact ganglion cell. No appreciable thickening nor prolifer-

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extracts. Its formula appeals to progressive phvsicians. and has received

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physics, chemistry and biology as is imparted by the regular minor

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afflicted and hoodTvdnking the vain and credulous doctors through-

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denuded of their pavement epithelium and filled to a great extent

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rectly from the ampule into freshly distilled sterile water and gently

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Biological course, which leads to the A. B. degree in this Uni-

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patients are so comfortable with a suprapubic fistula that they sim-

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following subjects: anatomy (including histology), physi-

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muned together, and I found him sincere and true, just as he would

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but nothing was visible microscopically save minute

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Monument and Washington 'Streets, and are open daily from 9 a. m.

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For the morning work the class is divided into four groups.

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solar plexus, is the largest of the three and is situated over the

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in Physiology or Pathology is to be asked each year to deliver a

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at the apex of the prostate. Through this incision the prostatic

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of physicians and nurses in the diseases of children. The building,

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Castela Nicholsoni. — Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental

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ily, and at the annual gathering of the profession in convention of