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venereal diseases. We have been told that gonorrhea, and syphilis

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danger, disease, and death. The work England is doing

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such as tended to restore the displaced uterus to its position,

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Activation . . . Med Units, with incls. HD: 326.0 1-1.

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“Uterine Mechanisms in Normal and Abnormal Labor.”

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Addison's disease, but none of these diseases can be fully explained

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seldom ; hut very frequently with oxalic acid, which may he present in

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the next day, he looked and felt better. On account

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cation in the Mauritius. While, however, he will still

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patients who thought themselves ill because they had had their urine analyzed two

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but slight or no ef^ision : called also Fibrinous s,

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capable of germination, although originally perfect.

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typhoid fever, and gastro-enteritis. He was led to administer

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also responsible for 81 pulmonary surgery procedures performed on patients

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had but one Anatomy in tlie Countrey, wliich J\Ir. Giles Firman

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of this fundamental principle of empiricism, clearly pointed out

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Michaelis, who has made an exhaustive study of this question,

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synechia, and very probably degeneration of the iris, which

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arations and as fuel, and when taken internally has caused many

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1 the cartilages of the ears, nose, and elsewhere. In the

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ry treatment was promptly resorted to, but without effect. M. Ricord

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spent labour and time in copying out such lists, and also waste-

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hear very loud accidental murmurs, and, conversely, faint valvular

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frequently predominating, and sometimes it appears to consist of pure

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were in everything pertaining to this great and good man,

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form a broad, thick, hard plate ; and collections may have made their

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sons, Dr. Neill Archie Thompson of Lumberton, whose tragic death

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deformities, and is rather better than the ordinary tape; but, as a matter of fact, a

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course was had to the preparation of walnut-tree leaves.

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diffused eruption preceding their evolution. Itching is not so marked, and

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were highly appreciated by the public at large as well as

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